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11 February 2013

Mystery Monday: Mystery Solved... sort of

Genealogy Mystery Solved

My mother did a lot of research in the late 1970s. Unfortunately, organization was never her strength. Yet, much of what she passed down to me showed her attempts at being a thorough researcher. One such record was from a conversation she had with Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio.

Genealogy Research Notes
Notes from Conversation with Green Lawn Cemetery
Nov 24, 1976
As you can see, she records the date she called Green Lawn Cemetery and the phone number she used. She has some sort of document number (023) but I have lost the pages where this made more sense. She wrote the person's lot she was inquiring about Philip Smith, Lot 43, Sect 35.

On this list, I have been able to figure out who most everyone is. The only person I've had a hard time figure out is who George E Tooill's infant son is. Quite honestly, I had no idea.  Searching infant son Tooill kept coming up blank. Or at least, I couldn't understand the relationships.

My maternal third great-grandfather Philip Smith had a second wife named Mary who I believe has the maiden name of Smith. Very confusing, but I'm quite certain it is the case. Mary's father on the Green Lawn Cemetery records refers to her father as Daniel Smith. Her son Orlando is buried on this plot. Her step-son Andrew Newlson (Philip's son from his first marriage) is also buried on this plot. Well, I started poking around with my 2nd great grand father Andrew Nelson's step-siblings. There were two more: McKendree Smith and Louella Smith.

I've researched McKendree a little and discovered he became a Doctor. Pretty interesting stuff. The connection to the Tooills was not established. So, I started playing with Louella Smith.

I found a marriage certificate for Louella to George W Tooill. I thought that name sounded familiar. I found a death certificate for Louella Tooill in the year 1929. When I went to, I found a Memorial for Louella. Lo and behold, the Memorial links to an infant son in the Green Lawn Cemetery. I did a rough search to determine if George W Tooill was a common name. It doesn't appear to be. I'm quite certain that too many facts line up to help me establish that the mystery child is indeed the grandson of Phillip Smith, my 3rd great-grandfather.

 Yeah! Now... if I only know more about Louella and could track down a death certificate for the infant or a news article of some such. Perhaps I could know why this little youngster died. But for now, the mystery of who is George W Tooill is solved.

The infant child did not receive a stone on the plot, nor did Philip. So, I've included a plot photograph to remember this section by. You can see that Mary E Smith, Philip's second wife did receive a stone.

Leon Philip Smith family plot
Philip Smith Plot in the Green Lawn Cemetery


  1. If the baby was stillborn there might not be a birth certificate.

    1. I hadn't thought about that. There is an Ohio Stillbirth index that I'm anxious to look through. Perhaps it would have the information?

  2. Great detective work! Isn't it great when all the pieces just click like that? :)

    1. Yes! It was wonderful. My family had been wondering about the young babe for so many years. Then it all fell into place. Yeah.


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