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20 February 2013

Heritage Scrapbooking: Church Record Pages

When genealogists go looking for documents about people, they usually look for census and vital records first. These records are more readily available online. After these records are found, church records have been the next major record to seek after. Church records tell you what faith a person holds and perhaps what kind of life they lived. And church records can easily become a Story Page for your family history scrapbook.

My father's baptism records was kept by my mother, who shared them with me. When creating my father's focal person album, I wanted to include this information. He joined his church of choice as an adult and then practiced that faith through the remainder of his life. 

Church Inspired Heritage Scrapbook Layout
Church Inspired Family History Scrapbook Layout

This layout uses a photo of my father at church about the time of his baptism. His church collection has three documents pertaining to his membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. By choosing a layout with two vertical sections, the documents can be grouped together. I placed a a brown pattern paper under the documents for a touch of contrast between the white documents and the dark blue paper. I wanted the documents to be the focal element on the page

If you read the Baby Page or Mother's Page for this album in previous posts, you'll notice the entire album's color scheme is navy, green and brown. When the photo was on the navy background paper, it did not stand out. When a green mat was placed underneath, the photo was defined. The addition of a the title tag layout over top, brings your eye to the rest of the page after looking at the focal element. 

For the journaling, I summarized the lengthy story of how my father joined his church.  I also included what prevented my mother from joining at the same time, as they were married with children at the time. There are no pictures of my mother at church, ever. Should I do a scrapbook page about her, I would only have the documents to share. And that would be okay.

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