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14 February 2013

Awesome Treasure Chest Thursday Post by Jana.

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Grandpa Debs' Black Briefcase
Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Grandpa Debs' Black Briefcase
see original post by Jana Last for more wonderful photos.

 I LOVE this post by Jana about her Treasure Chest Thursday find. To read her article, go here: Treasure Chest Thursday: Grandpa Deb's Black Briefcase. It is a brief case with a lot of artifacts inside. Her post leaves the reader in suspense to find out what is inside.

However, I'm a nut from a different tree. I saw the photos and LOVED them. Jana, or her photographer, did a great job. I loved how the photographer (I'll say she until I know different), found two items with a art deco background (perfect for the time period of these objects). She placed one vertical and one horizontal. The combination does not provide a seamless backdrop, but who cares? Honestly, the object has a visual time period suggested by the background pattern. I believe a second vertical side is a mirror. I love looking at the set up and feeling inspired.

What is so interesting is that just yesterday I was wondering about a project that I may or may not do. A friend of my has a home that was built in the 1860s in Iowa. The attic is a genealogist's haven. She has read my blog and wanted to give me more things to photograph. Since the home is an old farm house, much of the objects will be related to that lifestyle. I kept thinking that a white or black background might not necessarily fit with these objects. Could a background be found that will compliment the objects? My mind was flooded with thoughts of burlap. I just might have to try it. But I kept thinking, how do I create a burlap set up? Well, Jana's post gave me a clue.

Should I, or you, have old farm stuff, here's what I want to try. I want to find some burlap and cut it to cover two white foam boards, or other sturdy flat object. I would set up in the same fashion as Jana's photographer. One vertical, one horizontal, butted up against each other. Perhaps I'll set something underneath the horizontal one to raise it a bit and soften the junction where the two boards meet. Then I'd create a third side with a mirror. The mirror would simply reflect the background and bounce the light back on my subject.

Oh, yeah. I'm inspired. Thanks Jana for a great post. Now... to find some farm period objects and do some experimenting.


  1. Wow! Thanks so much for mentioning my post Devon! I responded to your comment on my blog about the simple photo shoot set-up I created, so I won't go into it here. And yes, I was the one who took the photos. :)

    The old farm house project sounds so intriguing. I hope you will be able to share your photos of it with us on your blog.

    Thanks again for the kind mention.

    1. Devon, I'm flattered that you like the photos in my blog post. And I appreciate you emailing me and asking my permission to include one of them in this post. Thanks again!