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22 January 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Request Fulfilled for Don J Young

I love Find A Grave! It's an awesome website. I haven't requested photos until recently, thinking I should make a trip to Ohio and before I requested photos. I won't be making another trip to Ohio for some time. And, I certainly won't make it up to Huron County, Ohio. So... I sent a photo request and hoped that I would be alerted when the request was fulfilled. Well, it was filled, and very quickly. I was so surprised at how fast it was done too.

In any case, Don J Young (1884 - 1959) is my cousin 3 times removed. I love learning about cousins and the lives they lead and compare them to my more direct ancestors of the same progenitors. It's fascinating the comparisons you can make. In any case, ask and you will receive. And here are some of the photos:

Photo by Shirley Lindenberger Hazelwood
Check this out! The photographer also took a plot photo. THANK YOU! These photos show relationships. Smart photographer.

Photo by Shirley Lindenberger Hazelwood

And just who do these stones belong too? One is his wife Eleanie Dennis Young.

Photo by Shirley Lindenberger Hazelwood

One is Don's daughter Celestina Young Sheldon.

Photo by Shirley Lindenberger Hazelwood

There is a cool marker beside the stone. I wonder what it is. The photographer was so wise to snap a photo of it to answer my question.

Photo by Shirley Lindenberger Hazelwood

I wonder who the predecessor was for the Artillery Company. Something to investigate. Was it Don J Young? Or was this from her mother's Dennis line?

Celestina is buried beside her husband.

Photo by Shirley Lindenberger Hazelwood

 I so love the fact that I requested Don J Young's photo and Shirley Lindenberger Hazelwood photographed the entire section. That saved a lot of additional photo requests. She took a group shot and zoomed in on important additional details. I can't thank Shirley enough for more than filling this request.

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