Heritage Scrapbooking: Story Pages

In previous posts, I've discussed the need to use family trees, mini-family trees, and time-lines in your heritage albums. Today I'd like to discuss another type of layout, namely Story Pages

Here's an explanation from my book Create a Family History Scrapbook Digitally in 12 Simple Steps:
“The majority of the pages in your scrapbook will be story pages. Story pages include the topics of childhood, siblings, teen years, adult years, children pages, education, missions, courtship, pets, employment, and church service to name a few. The layout options for 'story' pages are truly endless.”
Story Pages can be about any topic that encapsulates the person your scrapbook album is about. If you could pick one activity that dominated my mother as a teenager, it would have been baton twirling. She was activity in the Columbus Hurricanes Drum and Bugle Corp during the 1960s. She also tried to earn a spot on South High School's twirling line. Mom described some rule changes that kept her from making the line. However, she had a blast in the Hurricanes. 

Story Page for Family History Album
Story Page for Heritage Album
left side of two page layout

Story Page for Famiy History Album
Story Page for Heritage Album
right half of two page layout

The scrapbook pages I have created for my mother's album use the a green, tan, and gold color scheme throughout the project. This layout features the professional photo graphs she had made in her competition outfits. I was able to share brief information about her participation in twirling. There was enough room left to decorate the page without taking the focus of my reader off my mother. It's a simple yet very effective layout.

When you create a family history scrapbook, it is very important to share brief stories of the person and their lives. Plus, you want to keep the focus on the photos and content rather than the cool 'scrapbooking' stuff. Far too many heritage scrapbook pages forget this principle. A few well chosen accents will not overpower your layout.

I hope seeing an example of a Story Page, helps inspire and teach you want to include in your heritage albums. Feel free to share some of your similar designs in the comment section below.

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