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11 January 2013

Friday Funny: I'm the butt of many jokes

There was so much love around the breakfast table this morning. I had a little mix up this morning and my second child asked if this was a "brain fart".

I said "No, it's a simple mistake. A brain fart is when you completely blank out on something or when you completely mix something up."

He then said, "Oh. Is it the time when you asked for paprika on your cottage cheese instead of cinnamon?"

Yep. That would be a classic example. And I can still hear my in-laws who shall remain nameless but live in Missouri and my husband busting over laughing at me when I finally realized that my brain hadn't fired as it should. So glad that I can be the source of great laughter and teachable moments.

Then I remembered a conversation my hubby and I had on Tuesday. He wanted me to share another 'awesome story' about myself to an audience. I didn't want to. It's a little embarrassing. He said, "But you have such great stories!"

Well... I give up. I guess I do have funny stories. Since I'm the family historian and know that such stories are the spice of a narrative, I've thrown in the towel. I'll start writing all those 'funny stories' down that my hubby and children love so much. They better thank me for it later. But no, I won't be sharing to much for the public domain to humiliate me about.

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