Amanuensis Monday: Declaration for Widow's Pension

Photo Friday: Missionary Books

Photo Friday: Tiny Religious Medallions

Amanuensis Monday: Undertaker Affidavit for William Townsend

Amanuensis Monday: Affidavit by John Fearn, 2nd Lieut

Geiszler Family History: Zion German M & E Church of Columbus

Photo Friday: Religious Plaques

Treasure Chest Thursday: Mom's Funeral Trinkets

Amanuensis Monday: Physician Affidavit for William Townsend

Family History: Geiszler Church Participation

Photo Friday: Religious Items Challenge

Wordless Wenesday: Sam Brown, his wife and inlaws

Amanuensis Monday: Affidavits from William Gill & George Mansfield

Photo Friday: What can a Math Olympiad Tell You About Your Relative?

Amanuensis Monday: Witness Statement for William James Townson

Funeral Card for Charles Baum

Surname Saturday: Michael what was your last name?

Photo Friday: The Girl Scout Brand Name

Amanuensis Monday: Civil War Claimant Affidavit for William J Townson

Funeral Card for Eva Barton

Photo Friday: Bon Jovi T-Shirt

Amanuensis Monday: Civil War Pension Affidavit

Photo Friday: Star Wars Watch