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24 February 2012

Planning a Trip... Ohio Historical Society

In preparation for my trip to Columbus, I discovered that the State Archives & Historical Society is located in the very city I wish to visit. Score a point for me! The Ohio Historical Society houses records that I believe will benefit me greatly in my research for a variety of ancestors who lived in Franklin County, Ohio beginning in 1800 to present day. My primary interest in this facility's collection are the Land Records and the Naturalization Records. Most of the vital records I have obtained through or So, I'll probably skip that section of the library.

The library has a terrific website and it provided me with a lot of information that I needed to know prior to visiting the facilities. I did have a few further questions that the website did not answer. Sadly, my first attempt in obtaining answers failed (I sent an email on 1/27 and haven't heard anything to date). I had a free moment and decided to give the facility a call.

Thankfully a very friendly gentleman was willing to answer my questions. Just in case others had similar questions, I figured that I would post my questions and the answers I received.

  1. The Library Rules and Procedures page says "Notes, computers (but not the cases), notebooks, and pencils ONLY are permitted in the Research Rooms." I was curious to know if tablets (iPad, Android tablets) are considered computers and allowed. I also wanted to know if digital cameras were allowed. Guess what! Okay, you know the answer... YES. Tablet computers are allowed into the archives. And digital cameras may be used without the flash. Yeah!!! I love am set with cameras to document my finds.
  2. Having seen Who Do You Think You Are?, I wanted to know do I needed to bring a pair of gloves? Nope! They supply them when needed.
  3. The Rules page said that only the staff makes photocopies of the items. So, what are the photocopy fees? The man said $0.25, but you should really just used your digital camera. Well, I was hoping that would be what was allowed, but I'm so glad he confirmed that's what I really should do! 
I'm most interested in the Naturalization records at this point. Perhaps the Land Records (if the film indexes I ordered from Salt Lake City prove fruitful). In any case, I asked if the gentleman had any tips on how to make the most of my visit and walk me through how it would work when I arrived.

To examine the Naturalization records, I'll be going first to the Microfilm Room. It's self-service and I can access anything without filling out paperwork. Great! He mentioned that I could plan ahead and not exactly what film I was going to access by using their website to look up film numbers. What a great idea! I didn't know that was on the website. (I haven't found this information yet, but that was so nice of him to tell me to look for it). I hope I can find it before my trip to increase my efficiency.

Once I've examined the indexes, I'll be given a reference number for the original documents that are handled only by the OHS staff. If I need more than one item, then I can only use one at a time. I'll have to fill out a call slip, etc. Hopefully those I'm looking for will be in the fewest number of volumes, but we shall see.

I have to give the gentleman (who I forgot to get his name) a big round of applause for helping me know what to expect and prepare for my trip to his facility. I look forward to visiting the State Archives and hope that my family members will stand up and be counted.

An Indexing Confession

I have been serving as an indexer for for over a year. My activity level comes and goes as free time or interest is available. Recently, my husband has decided to give indexing a try. Now, there seems to be a 'competition' between the two of us to see who can do the most names.

Right now, I'm ahead in indexing by about 3,000 names. I DO NOT want him to catch up. So, I've stopped doing records that only have a few names per batch. I like the lists like Census because you can do a lot of names at one time. But then I feel guilty, and I do the records that only have a few names at a time.

When I go over to the arbitration side of things, I again find myself selecting records that I know I can do a lot of names in one batch. Bad indexer/arbritator, bad! I know, I know. Seriously, who would have thought my hubby joining the indexing world would cause such competition? Aw, well... I'll just admit my problem and work harder at just enjoying the fact that my husband is serving the genealogical world. (But just don't let him do more names than me. Is that too much to ask?)

23 February 2012

Thankful Thursday... Time to Write

I've been working on a series of blogs, and potentially a book, pertaining to creating a family history scrapbook. I think there are some good books on the market but there are some aspects just not covered and I want to share my knowledge.

In any case, the process has been fairly daunting and my opportunity to write as well as the flow of ideas has been so intermittent. However, it seems the children have been doing well and chances to write have opened up. As the opportunities have opened up, my flow of thoughts hasn't stopped coming.

I can't say how thankful I am to divine Providence for blessing me with both opportunity and creativity to capture the words out of my mind. In the middle of it all, I've had many genealogy finds or service opportunities.

If I don't take the opportunity to be grateful for this experience, I fear it will be a long time before it happens again.

So before you ask what I've been working on and when they'll appear, that's the next challenge. My dear husband serves as the editor for my projects. Now I need to provide him with opportunities to assist in moving this project forward. Then his work will be the next thing I sing praises about. And, when that's done I'll be able to answer the what and when questions.
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