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01 December 2012

Sorting Saturday... Birth and Marriage Record Totals

For the past two weeks, not just Saturday, I have been trying to correctly cite the sources for Birth and Marriage information pertaining to the Brown 'side' of my family tree. This tree includes the last names Smith, Long, and Young as well. Doesn't get any more difficult than that.

Thankfully, the majority of the persons on my tree stayed in Ohio and has a lot of these records indexed. (birth records, marriage records). In going through the collections that have images, rather than just index entries, I found the following records that I had not correctly sourced or had images for:

  • 73 Birth Records 
  • 62 Marriage Records
I have created source notes in RootsMagic for each of these records and linked to their respective images. I'll admit that I was hesitant to do this in the past because I didn't want my computer to be overloaded with images available online. Also, I didn't want my RootsMagic file to be come large with all the media links. I have not found this to be the case thus far. So, I'm happily saving images and linking them in RootsMagic.

Marriage record for Harry Howard Long and Lura Maude Smith
Family Search, "Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1974" database, (http:/
Entry for Harry Howard Long and Lura Maude Smith, 19 June 1907 (accessed 24 November 2012)
Amongst the images that I downloaded, I finally have a digital version of my great-grandparent's Marriage Record. I don't know the exact place they were married, but I do know they filed for their license and had their certificate recorded in Franklin County, Ohio. Pretty cool!

 I love being able to access the Ohio files for so many family members. And I'm glad to know how to finally cite my sources more effectively and link images to the citations. It's all coming together as I learn and grow in my research.

The next project is to do the same procedure for the Geiszler, Peak, Townley side of my family for the birth and marriage records. Then I'll tackle the death records for both sides. Then....


  1. Don't you love FamilySearch for its Ohio records! I have found many records for my husband's father's family there.

    1. Yes Elizabeth... I love the Ohio Records. If they had New York records in the quantity of Ohio, I'd be set. But I'm so thankful for the Ohio records that are available. I also love that the images are available now. I've found so much information through the images that the indexes didn't have. Bonus... I can view it all from the comfort of my home. Makes life easy when 5 kiddos are pulling on the apron strings.