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02 December 2012

Random Wish... RootsMagic and FamilyTree

As I posted earlier in my Sorting Saturday post, I'm finally correctly citing my sources and attaching the downloaded images to RootsMagic. While doing this work, I had a random thought. Well, perhaps it's not entirely random. It's related but off topic of how many birth and marriage records I linked. So, I'm writing this thought here.

FamilySearch FamilyTree Snapshot
FamilyTree snapshot
After I link the record I have saved to my RootsMagic file, I'll make sure to link the records I have saved to my Sourcebox on Family Search to FamilyTree. That project will take some time.

It will be great when RootsMagic syncs with the FamilyTree. But I don't know if RootsMagic will be able to link the previously found records on FamilySearch to the entries on FamilyTree without me having to duplicate work already done. I wish had done this process about 3 years ago at the least. However, I'm grateful that there will be away to attach records to the FamilyTree that I find on FamilySearch.

So, as I find the digital images for birth, marriage, and death records on FamilySearch, I save the findings to my Sourcebox. As I have spare moments here and there, I'll attach those files to the FamilyTree. I'm hoping other family members will do some of the work for me on the more extended branches. If not, I hope that someday the tendious nature will become more efficient through FamilySearch compatible software.

The great thing about genealogy is there is always something to do. So, when I hit a brick wall, need a break from 'telling the story' or only have 15 minutes to spare, I can find something to do.


  1. Very true about there always being little tasks! The problem is that once I get started on one... I don't want to stop. :) 15 minutes turns in to an hour, etc.


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