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13 November 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: When Do You Post a Second Photo on Find A Grave?

Find A Grave Memorial 42970144

Once in awhile I come across a decent photo on for a memorial. I have a second photo which is more close up, but not always 'better' (i.e. see the bird dropping stains below). In any case, I don't feel it is nice to post a second picture on Find A Grave when the first one is decent. If my picture is superior, then I will post a second one. Otherwise, why create bad vibes?

So, I'll just post my second photo here just in case someone is out searching the internet for their relatives and want a second version of the grave marker. (And maybe I should use a photo editing program to clean up those bird droppings)

Stephen P. Mayer
Dec. 16, 1857 - Oct. 23, 1922

Adaline Mayer
1861 - Jun. 30, 1932

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