Heritage Scrapbooking: What Program Do I Use?

A wonderful reader wanted to know what I use to create my digital heritage scrapbooks. There are two major digital scrapbooking programs, that are really photo editing software. The two most popular are Adobe PhotoShop Elements and Corel PaintShop Pro. The favorite tends to be PhotoShop Elements at there are numerous tutorials and digital scrapbook product designed specifically for PhotoShop Elements (or it's big brother PhotoShop).

When I was looking to upgrade my photo editing software a few years ago, I faced a decision. At the time Adobe PhotoShop Elements was $60 more expensive and required more memory than my computer had. In order to use the more expensive program, I needed a new computer. I am frugal by nature and the additional cost did not seem justifiable. So, I went with Corel PaintShop Pro X2.

Corel PaintShop Pro X2 Workspace

I like Corel PaintShop Pro for the most part. The functionality is great. There are several digital scrapbook websites that have finally started developing more tutorials for PaintShop Pro as not everyone is using PhotoShop. I've also been pretty adept at watching a tutorial designed for PhotoShop and figuring out how to do the same technique in PaintShop Pro.

The ONLY thing that is tedious in PaintShop Pro X2 is text boxes. I can't define a block size and have the text fill in that block, automatically dropping down to a new line of text when the width is reached. I have to do line breaks manually. It's tedious. I've heard that PhotoShop Elements does not have this problem. I have also heard, but have not confirmed, that PaintShop Pro X4 and/or X5 have the automatic text wrap within a define block size. Hopefully I'll find a definitive answer. I'm looking to upgrade my software, IF I can have automatic text wrap inside a block.

Aside from that feature, I've found PaintShop Pro more than capable of creating digital scrapbook pages. I hope this helps identify the program I use to create not only family history scrapbook pages, but also to restore or touch up damaged old photographs as well.

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