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16 October 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Some Cool Things I Noticed While at the Cemetery

If you haven't noticed, I like to use Tombstone Tuesdays more than a 'throw away' post. Sometimes I just post a photo and move on. Other times I like to share what I've learned and what I've found interesting. Today I wanted to share three gravestones that I found interesting for various reasons. See if you agree....

Though we're told to move flowers to take a photo,
sometimes the flowers can't be moved.

This stone looks like there should be someone else on it. Perhaps this person
is in their 100s. If so, best wishes for continued health and vitality. If not, I
wonder where the second person is located.

Okay, perhaps this is one of my craziest thoughts. The floral cluster in the center of this gravestone
reminds me of a pageant tiara. Take a look again and tell me if I'm seeing things.

What interesting things have you noticed while taking photos in a cemetery?


  1. With regards to the middle photo - it's possible that a second person (spouse) is buried there, but the family, if there was one, couldn't afford to (or didn't) pay for the engraving of the additional name. I have one of those in my family.

    See the find-a-grave photo at to see the space on the stone where Esther's name should have been.

  2. Elizabeth,

    Aww.... makes me want to win the lottery and go around to put the names on people's stones.

    My grandfather was buried in 1999. When I went to visit his gravestone in 2000, there was no death date added. I was so sad. There's a long, tragic story about this (involving my parents and myself not even knowing he had passed). In any case, there was no one to oversee the closing of his estate and this was left undone. Since the date was less than $100, I paid the fee for my grandfather. It just needed to be done and the tragic story ended. It felt good. I wish I could place, replace, or 'finish off' more stones but I currently don't have the funds to do so. ;(