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06 October 2012

Surname Saturday: Dague Plat Maps of 1842 and 1856

In a previous post, I spoke of how the Dague Brick Wall Came Down.  This family is belongs to my 3rd great-grand mother Catherine Dague Smith. Since I knew this family was from Franklin County, I decided to see what records I could find about them.

I found Dague families in the 1842 Jefferson Township Plat Map.

1842 Jefferson Township Plat Map

In the northwest corner of the Jefferson Township plat map, I found several pieces of land worth investigating.

1842 Jefferson Township Plat Map close up
I found three pieces of land for D. Dague, one for J Dague, and one for G Dague. I'm still trying to figure out to whom these parcels of lands belong to, but this is an exciting find. In 1856, I found a change in land ownership in the same northwest corner of the Jefferson Township plat map.

1856 Jefferson Township Plat Map

1856 Jefferson Township Plat Map Close - Up

It seems the land to the west and south of Geo. Smith's land was sold. Now J Dague is John Dague. D. Dague's land is D & B Dague. And there doesn't seem to be a G. Dague.

I still need to attach the Dague Plat Maps to the right family members. However, the entire Dague family is new to me. I hope to learn and understand more about them as the years go by.

These maps can be found in the Franklin County, Ohio 1872 Historical  Atlas and Plat Maps 1842, 1856, 1883 reference book.

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