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08 October 2012

Cousin Bait: Charles Gordon and Jane Fickle

I'm looking for information on Charles Gordon and Jane Fickle as well as their children. My genealogical connection is they are my third great-grandparents through their daughter Martha Gordon.

I have some vital and census information about Charles and Jane Gordon I would really like to learn more about their lives, which is why I'm casting this fishing line.

Here's what I know:

Charles Gordon

born Oct 1801 in Westmorlenad County, Pennsylvania
died 22 Mar 1873  in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio

married on 5 Dec 1822 in Perry County, Ohio

Jane Fickle

born 6 Dec 1803  in Monogalia County, Virginia
died 3 Jun 1865 in Worthington, Franklin, Ohio

Charles Gordon and Jane Fickle  had the following children:

Sarah Ann Gordon (19 Nov 1823 - 6 Jan 1909)

Levi William Gordon (19 Mar 1825 - 24 Apr 1902)

Martha Gordon (1 Mar 1827 - 9 Apr 1901)

Hester Ann Gordon (4 Mar 1832  - 18 Oct 1904)

Nancy Gordon (1836 - )

Eliza Jane Gordon (Jun 1841 - 30 Jan 1913)

Oliver S Gordon (7 Feb 1844 - 1 Aug 1905)

Angeline "Anna" Gordon
(26 Nov 1846 - 1 May 1908)

Again, these folks are my 3rd great grandparents and their children. I would love to know more about their history, and potentially find photos. Perhaps someone will be searching for the Gordon ancestors and land on this blog. Perhaps the distant relative will be inspired to connect with me after reading this post.

I do have information some photos of Martha Gordon's family to share.

I am throwing this fishing line in the water in hopes of learning more about my heritage and fill in the gaps on my family tree.


  1. I am looking for information on Charles Gordon and Jane Fickle as well. My genealogical connection is they are my fourth great-grandparents through their son Levi Gordon. I have limited info from Levi to myself.

    1. Larry, send me your email address using my contact form and we can visit further. I'll share what I know and what I believe needs more evidence.

      To get tot the contact form, click on the About Me page above.


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