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01 August 2012

Journey to the Past: Wesley Chapel

Only two more cemeteries to go! Things were shaping up thanks to St. Joseph and Sunset Cemeteries.

Photo by Brent Nimmo
I was soon in Wesley Chapel Cemetery. It was a nice looking cemetery with a large number of people working in crews to manage the grounds. That was pretty impressive. It was about 2 pm and my mind wasn't working properly I suppose. I confused who I was looking for on my spreadsheet with those buried in Walnut Grove. So I'm standing near Section A wondering where Jane Fickle GORDON and Ollie Smith GILBERT would be buried.

Two men in a large ATV type cart were sitting around chatting, so I asked if they happened to know where I could get a section map. They asked who I was looking for because they knew section A very well. When I said Jane and Ollie they were stumped. They didn't know anyone by that name in section A. They wanted to see my spreadsheet and then asked if I was asking about the right cemetery. They were so kind as they were politely poking fun at me. 

I was actually looking for more Mack family relatives. They were buried in Section 2. The men were not familiar with Section 2 and the Mack family names as they didn't work that section often. They told me to hang tight and drove off to the office to find out where I needed to go. As they were headed back, they motioned for me to follow. I followed these two men straight to the section I needed. Then, one man hopped off the ATV cart and found the stone for me before I had even exited my car. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty.

Then the two men drove off and left me to Heinrich Ludwig MACK (1842 – 1910) and his family. Heinrich is my 3rd great-grand uncle. His sister is Caroline Mack GEISZLER BILLMAN. He traveled to America with his father's family and the Puesecker family from Gillersheim, Germany. He married Caroline W PUESECKER (1845 – 1917) and united those two families together. 

Henry Mack buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery

 I snapped 20 photos and drove on. I might have been able to do more but it was getting close to the closing time for the final cemetery, so I left.

This is another installment in a lengthy multi-series post about the fantastic research trip I took to Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. If you're just joining the this series, you'll be able to see every post under the label Research Trip.


  1. You were right on top of me! My family plot is in Sunset, too. My neck of the woods!

    1. I was wondering if I'd be in your area. I didn't have a lot of time for socializing with genealogists this trip. But, when another Ohio trip is planned, I'll be sure to include you and other Ohioans. I would love to join you for the monthly gathering.