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13 August 2012

Journey to the Past: Scanning, Scanning, Scanning

I spent all of Friday afternoon scanning photos and documents that I was given by my cousins. My Cousin Betty had sent me an email on Wednesday and was upset that I hadn't made mention of it yet. It's not that I hadn't seen it. It was filled with so much information, I wasn't ready to process it yet. And, I wanted to make sure I got the photo albums and documents back to persons before I left town.

So I'm THRILLED that my cousin Betty has been bitten by the fact finding bug. On Saturday morning I've been told that she has A TON of things for me to see. Things like funeral programs and such. How exciting. Just when I think I won't get anything else, more comes my way.

Additionally, I started digging and digging through my grandmother's bedroom. I found a lot of things worth recording. Perhaps it was wrong of me. Perhaps it was right on. In any case, I found my grandmother's high school diploma. It was too large for the scanner, so I placed it in my photography pile.

As I was scanning pictures, I needed a way to tie the stories about the pictures to the pictures themselves. Now, I'm sure there is a better way, but I had to think of something on the fly. So, after I saved the photo from my scanning program, I opened the photo in Paint (a program that Microsoft includes with their Operating System). I added additional space to the photo (if I didn't scan additional blank space originally). I used the Insert Text tool and added the information about the photo I wanted to keep with the photo. When I crop and edit the photos, I'll crop this out but save the original scan as well. This way the photo and information stays together for the time being.

My computer and scanner were so overworked with the scanning, I was afraid they'd kick the bucket before I was finished. However, both are work horses and were up to the challenge. Whew!

This is another installment in a lengthy multi-series post about the fantastic research trip I took to Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. If you're just joining the this series, you'll be able to see every post under the label Research Trip.

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