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21 July 2012

Journey to the Past: Green Lawn Cemetery Section 84

I was finally working my was south and figuring a did have some time to take a few additional photos. So, when I went to Section 84, I took a few more volunteer photos. Section 84 doesn't have a definite break on the end where the names I was seeking were located. More like a large patch of grass before the next section starts. I almost missed the stones but thankfully a section marker alerted to me that I was in a new section and I back tracked a few paces.
Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio
Section 84
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I really like these names. I honestly know little about William Marshall STONE (1856 – 1922) and Sara Jane Geisler (1860 – 1926) but I like the tree twist. 

Sarah J Stone, 1860 - 1926
Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio
Section 84

Sarah is the sister-in-law to my great grand-aunt Hattie Elizabeth Brown GEISLER. Now, that Geisler name is very intriguing, isn't it? Because I have so many Geiszler's on my family tree. However, I have not made any firm link between Sarah Jane's Geisler (no Z) with my Geiszler (with Z) line, other than this one. Well, there's another.

Here's where it gets really cool. Sarah Jane had a daughter name Emma May STONE (1881-1953). Emma May married Thomas George BILLMANN (1874-1965). Thomas George is the son of my 3rd great-grandmother Caroline Mack GEISZLER BILLMANN. Two things stand out. First, that perhaps the Geisler and Geiszler's are related and I might have clues about Caroline's first husband Joseph Gei├čler (whose family members I do not know). Second, my mother's line and my father's line converged in a tangle before they wed. I think that's cool. I guess it pays to do the distant cousin's work too. Otherwise, I would not have seen this interesting connection. I have no idea how to create a tree of this, but it's fun to see.

In any case, I snapped 7 photos in this section and moved on. Grand total 297 useable photos.

This is another installment in a lengthy multi-series post about the fantastic research trip I took to Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. If you're just joining the this series, you'll be able to see every post under the label Research Trip.

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