Motivation Monday ~ Personal History Is Important Too

In my efforts to have a fantastic, rare trip to Ohio, I've put off some projects. One of which is our personal history project. To create a personal history record of my family I do a 'blog book' journal if you will. On my personal computer, in a text editor, I create 'entries' just like I would a blog. I think I've mentioned this in the past. In any case, I create a title, a date, and then add a photo. Then I write the memories about the photo (seen and unseen). After each year, I print this document into a bond book and viola! Personal history completed.

Well.... I basically stopped recording the memories since mid March. So I had 2 1/2 months of entries to catch up on. Catch up? Well, I have a collection of photos to tell me what dates needed entries. Plus, I had additional entries in January and February that I wanted my children's or spouse's input on. I spent all of Sunday recording my children's memories using a sound recorder that came with my operating program. Today I transcribed their voice recording into text. In all, I have two entries remaining to update in May (need multiple person's help) and our recent family reunion to Georgia this month.

Here's an idea of what a bound blog book for my family
looks like.Notice the play on words for my Lee last name?
 Man if feels good to be caught up. But I must not let this lag behind. It feeds our scrapbook albums and can be very rich with details of our life if I record right after an event happens rather than  months or years later. In any case, it feels so good to be caught up.

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