Planning a trip... Found It!

As mentioned in yesterday's post, the gentleman at the Ohio Historical Society said that I should be able to look up the microfilm numbers for the collections that I wanted using the website.. At first, I couldn't find what he was telling me was available.  Turns out I was looking in the wrong place. Doesn't surprise me. In any case, here's how I found it, in case your wondering.

On the front page of the Ohio Historical Society - Archives Library website, I saw a link section called Genealogical Resources. It listed the records by type that would interest me and I selected the Naturalization link. From there I was able to view a listing of records by county and discovered that I wanted those pertaining to Franklin County, focusing primarily on the decade of 1850. Most of my immigrant ancestors were not in the 1850 Census but started popping up in the 1860 Census. So, I'm going to focus primarily on the 1850s & 1860s for Naturalization. I know one person received a certificate dated 1858, so I'm trying to hone in on him, as well as several relatives.

On this page, the only one I was familiar with to this point, I can not click on the record title to get microfilm numbers. In fact, I wasn't even sure that the records I would be viewing were going to be microfilm. One call to the library has opened my eyes. Thanks for the heads up! So... where, oh where is the link the gentleman spoke of?

I found a side link for the Online Collection Catalog. After a few clicks, I got to a typical library search entry form and I put "Common Pleas Declaration of Intention" into the title, series, and publication fields. I didn't quite understand the "General" field so I didn't think to use that. (I should have tried everything, it would have saved time). I was getting discouraged, but the man said it was there so I just needed to keep poking.

I returned to the front page for the Archives and found a "Online Collection Catalog" quick search box. I figured, let's give this a try. Sure enough, it worked and I found the microfilm links that I was referred to. Yeah! I'll be so prepared for my trip that I won't have to waste time just figuring out what films I need.

Later I kept poking and discovered I could have saved some time by putting the record I wanted in the "General" field on the catalog search form. Oh well, live and learn.

In any case, I can't say enough kind things about the man who answered all of my questions and gave me some valuable tips for my upcoming trip. Hope I continue to meet more helpful people along the way. I'll keep you posted.

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