Planning a Research Trip to Ohio!!

I'm so excited that my DARLING husband is willing to manage our five adorable young children so I can go off and get my 'nerd' on in Columbus, Ohio this May. Now, before you think the word 'nerd' is offensive to use for genealogical research, I'd have you know I LOVE nerds. They make this world go round. And, digging through cemeteries, microfilm & fiche, and dusty old books falls into the nerd category.

My plans for the upcoming trip are to
  • Visit several cemeteries within Franklin County, primarily Green Lawn, Obetz, Oak Grove /Georgesville, St. Jame's Luthern, St. Joseph, Sunset, Union Grove, and Wesley Chapel (to name a few, ha!) 
  • Visit with several relatives and hopefully scan/photograph their files and photos
  • Visit German Village and attempt to absorb the history and the reasons why Germans immigrated to Columbus, Ohio (forgive me for saying, "of all place". But the point is, America in 1850 and a vast number of places immigrants could have gone. Why would someone be drawn to Columbus, Ohio?)
  • Visit the Ohio Historical Society to examine Naturalization records
  • Visit the Columbus Metropolitan Library to examine Columbus Dispatch Obituaries and to visit the Franklin County Genealogical Society collection which is now housed at the downtown library
  • Hopefully visit the Palatine to America offices which are headquartered in Ohio. 
That's a lot to do in 5 days, but I think it's do able. I'm doing everything I can from a distance to help make my research trip more successful. We'll see how it goes. I figured, in addition to posting family information, I'd record the process that I'm going through in planning and preparing for this trip. If you'd like to leave a comment of suggestions to make the trip easier, feel free.

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