Family History Center Results

Last night my dear hubby watched our kiddos so I could spend two hours in the Family History Center with microfilm I ordered from Salt Lake City.

After two hours at the genealogy library, I have narrowed down 25 potential finds to about 5. Man I can't wait for more of these indexes to be digitized/indexed. Heck, skip the indexing of the indexes and give me the real records. I know, I know. Not everything is online, but seriously. In about 10 years or so, so much of what took professional genealogists hours and hours to find will soon be done by amateurs (like myself) in about 10 minutes from the comfort of my own home at hours convenient for me (no need for a babysitter!).

Anyway, I have some leads on Geiszler and Long probate records. The Smiths, Hoppe, and Browns didn't pan out. Some collateral lines have a few leads. Hmmm... I guess my relatives just weren't rich enough to need probate to step in. Darn it!

My next step is to have a look at the probate packets (I was researching the index). Plus, I need to return to the FHC to view the naturalization declaration films that are awaiting my searching eye.

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