Considering a Name Change... Impatient Genealogist

I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog from "A Patient Genealogist" to "An Impatient Genealogist". I hate waiting when I want to move things forward.
  • Waiting for Salt Lake to ship my microfilm
  • Waiting for Genealogical Societies and Libraries to respond to my emails
  • Waiting for people who volunteered to help me, but after 4 months have nothing
Okay, maybe hate is the wrong word. Maybe that's the impatient side of this girl coming out. My ancestors have been dead a long time, one more day without their information isn't going to kill them! Okay, okay... bad joke.

In any case, I think I'll stick with the name. Honestly, it was chosen not to praise my patience but to remind me that with patience and diligence comes great rewards. So whenever I get a little irritated that things don't happen on 'my' time schedule, I'll remember days like this when I actually did take one step, no matter how small, forward.

Carry on.

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