Tech Tuesday: Family History Archive

Have you seen this? I can't believe the progress that genealogy has made since the digital era. I loved searching for my families on the Family History Archive site. In searching briefly for two family lines, I saw so many different family history files. There were some really great books. They gave me a tremendous insight into writing a family history book of my own. Other files were just a page or two. Perhaps they are a clue for someone, somewhere.

Anyway, it's another great resource if you need to find some histories on-line.

I attempted to find the Geiszlers and the Zumsteins and came up short. I used the surname search box and got no results returned. I tried a full text search (even though the site warned that I might get too many results). Well, the Zumsteins didn't result in much. I did find several Geiszlers in North Dakota. Unfortunately, I have yet to establish a connection with those Geiszlers yet. So, if I ever do find a connection to those Geiszlers, I know where I can find some great online resources!

I didn't attempt to search the Brown or Long lines. Something tells me that I'll really have to sift through a lot of items to see if anything pertains to my family.

Anyway, I didn't know this was available, so I'm sharing this link to remember it's there and to share with others who might know it exists. Happy hunting!

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