Learned alot at DearMYRTLE

With nearly 500 public followers, and perhaps many more anonymous followers, DearMYRTLE is a fun site for any genealogist to visit.

I really liked this particular post.

DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog: Finding the date of last Thursday and six other challenges

In the post, "Ol' Myrt" shared a new genealogical discovery that she made. Then she asked readers to leave a comment about six additional things that she should do after finding the obituary. I loved the true teacher in the blogger's heart. Instead of just telling us what she'll do next, she asked the readers to offer suggestions.

Kudos to those who left suggestions on what to do next. I didn't really have any good answer. I guess that's the 'still learning' in me. So, I also gained a lot of additional insight into what the next steps would be following an obituary find.

I'm so glad there are genealogist who not only share their information, but also teach. I hope I can find other posts like this to include on my blog for two reasons: a) in case someone else hasn't seen it and b) so I can remember the post.


  1. DearMYRTLE has provided inspiration to me for a very long time. I still have some of her old newsletters from the 1990s, when all we had was a bulletin board on the web.

    For more learning experiences, take a look at the link bar across the top of her blog. There are lessons and her monthly organization checklists and all sorts of stuff. You might also consider joining (1) Second Life; and (2) the Genealogists in Second Life group on Facebook, which she (as Clarise Beaumont) and Tami Osmer Glatz (as Genie Weezles) also run.

    I also recommend that you check out her webinar archives as well. Some very good information to be had in there.

    Good luck and happy hunting!

  2. Thanks so much Jenny for the insight. I'll definitely have to keep checking your comment post to remember what to look at!


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