Surname Saturday - With a name like Brown

Oh yeah, Brown is a great family name to have. It's easy to spell, not like Geiszler, Zumstein, or Zanganazadeh. However, when it comes to genealogy... this surname is a bit of a problem. It's so common. Right now my Brown family line is stuck with Samuel Curtis Brown (1821-1900). Yep, it doesn't get anymore common than that.

I found this website Brown Family Crest and History. It suggests that the name is English or Scottish. The origin could be Norman and referring to someone with Brown hair or eyes as well as a person who wore a lot of brown. I love how the website says, "endless spelling variations are a prevailing characteristic of Norman surnames." Woo-hoo! More difficulties in genealogy. Gotta love it.

The website goes on to detail numerous Browns who migrated to the United States starting as early as Edmund Brown, who arrived in New England in 1637. I'm not claiming any relation. As I said, with a last name like Brown, I could be related to anyone.

In due time, I'll figure out more about Samuel Curtis Brown of Balitmore, Maryland. For now, I'm just greatful to know as much as I do about him.

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