Plans for Family History

I have a lot of family history. Much of it has been stored in boxes, rarely accessed, since 1977. In the 1990s, I put some of the information into Personal Ancestral File. I felt that was a huge leap forward. However, the people on the family tree still were not very real to me.

Recently, I've caught up on my living family's scrapbooks so I have turn some free time over to family history. As stated in a my More Patience and Courage in Genealogy post, I have recently been blessed with MANY pictures and stories. I'm itching to do something with it all.

I have great plans for compiling things into scrapbooks and 'research' books to share with my kids and other family members. The stories and information can't stay stored in computers or research files. They have to be transformed into reader friendly formats. I don't want to wait until 'everything is perfect' before I 'publish' something. I plan on creating something 'temporary' since printing costs have become so cheap. I can afford to do an initial printing and share with family members. They'll know what I have and then be able to make corrections where necessary. Then, I can reprint the work and share it again.

Update: I have achieved this and more!

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