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RootsTech Expo Hall Interviews

How have you liked the coverage of RootsTech by all of the Ambassador's in the blogosphere? If you didn't attend RootsTech or if you did but didn't see everything you wanted to, hopefully the Ambassadors have helped you have more depth to your experience.

With 1.5 days to capture interviews, Andy and I hustled and are super excited about what we've captured for you. As we chatted with planned interviewees or asked people spontaneously, I became so exciting thinking about you my readers and video viewers. I became excited to shed some light on people doing great things in genealogy or just something fun. Andy and I were putting into practice the many "Rookie Smarts" tips  Liz Wiseman shared in her Wednesday keynote

RT: Covering A Conference With a Hearing Problem

Conference Coverage by Hearing Impaired Reporter

What did they say? Can you repeat that? Gosh, it's so loud, I have no idea what you said? Can I sit closer, I can't hear?

Welcome to the thoughts I that plague me when I'm in church, book club, or any workshop. Multiply this by 1,000, and I'm in trouble if I want to pursue conference coverage for this blog and the YouTube channel.

RT: Thank Goodness for the Media Hub

RootsTech Ambassadors Media Hub

As stated in "Using My Privilege for You," I focused on using my Ambassador status to serve you. To accomplish those goals, I used the Media Hub a little bit. There were charging stations for my phone and computer that needed constant resupplying. I had an ethernet cable to upload my videos to YouTube without using wi-fi. Oh sweet blessing! And, I made more friends. I loved the Hub!

The Media Hub had numerous places for Ambassadors to interview the keynote speakers, major sponsors, or each other. The Media Hub Staff helped Ambassadors arrange such interview. This year I didn't take advantage of those perks as much I could have. Depending upon what you'd like me to cover in 2018, I might change my strategy. (So be sure to leave a comment below regarding the reporting I've done and what you'd like to have Andy and I do next year.)

Using My Privilege for You - RootsTech

RootsTech Ambassador Devon Noel Lee

When you're given an opportunity, you grab it by the horns and get to work. That's what happened in January. Andy and I received Ambassador status to cover the RootsTech conference, in addition to our speaking commitments. This was a fabulous opportunity for us to provide conference coverage for our Family History Fanatics channel on YouTube. Have you checked it out? You should. (Here's the link)

After a great night's sleep in Salt Lake City, Andy and I headed to the Salt Palace to hit the ground running capturing interviews and covering the RootsTech conference for you, our tribe. The first special perk was early access to the vendor hall.

Roots Tech: And Emotional Landing

Family History Fanatics and RootsTech

It's hard to believe that 100,000 people tuned into the live streaming of RootsTech 2017 when 10,000+ were attending in person on Thursday and Friday. Knowing what it felt like to be at home when the fun was happening in Salt Lake, I wanted to serve my readers and YouTube followers. But first I had to get there!

My husband and I flew into Salt Lake on Wednesday. We have these five kiddos that think they need food, clothing, and housing. As such, Andy has to work as an engineer, which makes time off scarce. I have to arrange childcare for FIVE as they're not quite old enough to fend for themselves. It's really challenging to find someone who would take that many kiddos. I remember it being much easier to arrange childcare for one or two.

As I packed my bags, I listened to Liz Wiseman's Rookie Smart's based keynote. I also watched the Twitter feed during her session and loved how people tweeted their favorite nuggets of wisdom.

My #genchat buddy and her fun #NotAtRootsTech photo!

If you haven't read the #NotAtRootsTech feed on Twitter, you need to take sit down with a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy the feeds while watching the sessions that are still available at

So Andy worked a half day, and then we hustled the kids to my AMAZING cousin, and we hopped on a plane headed to the Rockies.  I was #NotAtRootsTech yet, but I would soon change my status to #RootsTech with boots on the ground, or rather hot pink sneakers.

As I landed, I choked with tears. You see, Salt Lake City Airport has numerous homecomings. Young men and women between the ages of 19-25 devote 18 months to 2 years of their lives to serve missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And, their families stay behind and wait anxiously for their return. If you've ever experienced the return of military service men and women after a deployment, you have an idea of the homecomings that happen in the SLC airport. My good friend had just welcomed home her son to Houston after such a mission in Paraguay, so my tear factory was on high alert.

Andy and I passed the families as they craned their next to see their loved ones who were deplanning behind us. As soon as the cheers erupted, my tears flowed. I texted my friend, and she understood.

My Girlfriend knows these homecomings ass to well!

My heart aches for those who have service men and women or missionaries that they have limited contact with during the months and years they are apart. Their homecomings are emotional for them and this crazy woman with a super sentimental side. I'm so happy for their reunion, but I seriously needed to get some sleep because my figurative marathon was about to begin.

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Busy Mom Genealogy Secret Weapons

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Cosplay at RootsTech

When I told my daughter that RootsTech was like a ComicCon, I was trying to explain the scope of the event to her. Little did I know that there would be a few cosplayers at RootsTech that would make my analogy more accurate.

Before I show you want I'm talking about, you have to understand a few terms.
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