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16 November 2017

What's Your Genealogy Problem? Let RootsMagic Help You Find It

Find your genealogy errors with RootsMagic

When we acquire large databases, I wonder how many times we are like the three monkeys

Hear No Problem

See No Problem
Speak No Problem

But, far too many GEDCOM files (and our own databases) are rife with errors and if we ignore them, we're like another animal. One with feathers, a long neck, and likes to stick it underground!

13 November 2017

Should I Include the Bio Dad?

Should you include the illegitimate father in your family history writing

When writing about an ancestor, we start by including their parents. Unfortunately, parentage is not not as simple as you provided the biological ingredients to create life. When attempting to record 'who's the daddy' of your ancestor, who should you include?

Being a family history writing educator is such a blessing. The question student present are varied and challenging, as is the case of today's inquiry.
My father's biological father was never married to my grandmother. Grandma had two husbands. After her first husband died and before she married the second one, she had conceived and gave birth to my daddy, who was the product of an illegitimate relationship. When I write about my father at the time of his birth, marriage, etc. who do I include? Bio dad or his step-father, who was the only father he ever knew?

08 November 2017

How to Write About a Boring Ancestor?

How to Write About a Boring Ancestor

Robbers, adulterers, colorful characters and glorious heroes are among the most interesting people in many family trees. Some of us are descended from great wealth or suffered extreme circumstances. And then, there are the farmers, bakers, milkmen, and day laborers. They lived. They begat children. They died. And there isn't much in between. Or is there?

Question: How can I write about my ancestor when they're not very interesting?

06 November 2017

What Voice Should I Use When I Write Family Histories?

Narrative Style Tips for Family History Writing

Ask the Family History Fanatics: Voice should I use when I write my family history? I want to share my family history but I also want to write commentary on that family history. Should I write solidly in the third person or should I switch between first-person and third-person?
What a GREAT question for a family history writer. The first reason is that there is a specific task associated with the question. Otherwise, the answer would be 'it depends.'

Let's dissect a few things and then provide the advice appropriate for this situation.

01 November 2017

And the RootsTech Giveaway Winner Is...

Thank you to all those who participated in the RootsTech 2018 Giveaway. Congratulations to:

There are still other opportunities to win your way to RootsTech.

Check out my friend Melissa Finlay's giveaway at Boundless Genealogy. Entries will be accepted from October 27, 2017 to November 10, 2017.

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See you in Salt Lake City on February 28th!

Five Ways to Combine Family History in School - Family History Month

Add excitement to school with genealogy

For many youth, school is exciting on the first day and the last. There is a long gap between these two exiting points in education. Why not make school, be it public, private, or home school, more interesting by adding genealogy into the mix. But not use the boring term "-ology" term, use Family History or better yet, the history of YOU!

30 October 2017

Are You Being Stealthy In Learning Your Family History?

Stealth Genealogy

Ever wish you could capture genealogical information from your relatives without them knowing, being bored, or frightening them? Be a little more stealthy, without crossing the line of being illegal, and you’ll gather your family heritage and find joy along the way.
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