International Exhibitors Increase Presence at RootsTech

QingTime Bella Italia UKRINIURKOLEGUIA at RootsTech

With 30,000 attendees, 200+ classes, and labs, and famous keynote speakers, RootsTech 2017 provided an extraordinary opportunity to teach and inspire others to focus on their family, their ancestral family.

One understated increase at the conference was the increase in the number of international vendors in the Expo Hall. There non-United States booths included:

  • Ukraine - Ukrainian Bar Association for Foreign Affairs
  • China - Jiangsu Time Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Ireland - Irish Family History Centre
  • Finland - Finland's Family History Association
  • Italy - Bella Italia Genealogy di Bovino Alessandro 
  • Italy - Museo del Cognome
  • French Quebec - Institut généalogique Drouin
  • Scotland - Genealogy Tours of Scotland
  • Germany -  Germanic Genealogy Society
  • Germany - International German Genealogy Partnership
  • Belgium - Histoires de Familles
  • Europe - Into the Past

With Ambassador privileges, a lapel mic, and camera, Andy and I decided to spotlight a few of those vendors.

Capturing Personal History with Emberall

Emberall at RootsTech 2017

Capturing and sharing life stories has never been easier! Set up an account with Emberall and create a video in 30 minutes that lasts forever. RootsTech Innovator Top Five Finalist.

Emberall helps you "Record the Story of Your Life." According to promotional material, Emberall captures interview clips, a question at a time, into albums. Then these clips are compiled into a life story video that you and your loved ones can view as a whole or in segments online or on your personalized DVD. What would cost around $2,000 for a professional service, now costs a fraction of the cost with Emberall!  

Each February, technology developers and entrepreneurs compete for $190,000 in prizes as they pitch their innovations in the genealogy industry to celebrity judges, industry influencers, and a live audience. If you have a great innovation, consider participating in RootsTech 2018. This website will recap the 2017 experience.

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Go and capture your family stories or the stories about you and your life. Emberall makes it easier.

Interview with RootsTech winner Bill Nelson of OldNewsUSA

OldNewsUSA Innovator Showdown Winner RootsTech

Bill Nelson took home top honors at the RootsTech Innovator Showdown with his pain solving problem OldNewsUSA Mobile App. If you've ever used Chronicling America to research newspaper, you know the content is great, but the search engine stinks like rotten tomatoes. OldNewsUSA rolls out with an Android solution to that problem.

Bill sat down with Devon Noel Lee of Family History Fanatics after the semi-final round of the Innovator Showdown at the 2017 RootsTech competition. After the interview, he succeeded in capturing $95,000 in cash and prizes to continuing developing this his app to expand to iOS operating systems and searching more newspaper collections!

This app makes me want to get a phone with a larger capacity! Check out the interview on the Family History Fanatics YouTube Channel!

To learn more about the app, visit: Revgenea Software: Making Family History Mobile website at Or download the app from GooglePlay store:

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Family History Fanatics Videos from RootsTech 2017

3 of My Books Available During RootsTech

If you are in Salt Lake City for RootsTech, I have a stack of books available for purchase! To learn more about the books.

A Recipe for Writing Family History takes the fuss out of the first draft of your family's stories.

From Metal to Rhinestones: A Quest for the Crown is an autobiographical transformation story involving a teenager in Texas trading in rock - n - roll attire for cinderella slippers.

21st Century Family Historian lets beginner genealogists know that there is a place for everyone to do something in Family History.

Look for the nifty Family History Fanatics shirts, on my husband and I, on Thursday and Friday and you can pick up a copy of these books. If you're having trouble finding me in the ExpoHall, tweet me at @dnoellee.

If you purchase the book in person, I'll sign it for you!

That's better than Amazon Prime.

What will Liz Say at RootsTech?

Liz Wiseman, the author of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter which taught that leadership isn't about making everyone work harder but magnifies the talents of those around them, so all achieve together, heads to the Innovator Summit at RootsTech.

In leadership training, she shares how our personal knowledge can impede our ability to lead. Her adage that 'learning how to learn is more important than what we have learned' sounds like a homeschool truism. And her work ethic platitude of 'Figure Out Your Bosses' Biggest Challenge and Solve It' are great tips to teach my children on how to succeed in the future.

What will see share with the genealogy innovators? How can they, or we, multiple the skills of resources and research to bring genealogy further in 2017? We'll soon learn!

Watch the Live Streaming on

9:00 am
Innovator Summit General Session 2017

10:15 a.m.
Industry Trends and Outlook

11:30 a.m.
Innovation: Best Practices and Applications

MyHeritage and GenealogyGems Booth Demo Schedule

RootsTech MyHeritage and Genealogy Gems Demo Schedule

As if the classes and the RootsTech Demo Theater wasn't Enough. MyHeritage and the Genealogy Gems are having booth demonstrations!!! There's a whole lot of learning going on at RootsTech!

Yesterday I posted about the wonderful demos taking place on the main Demo Theater in the Expo Hall at RootsTech. Today, you can view even more learning opportunities to through your schedule for a loop. Or, if you just haven't found the right classes that fit your needs, you can now learn from the service providers! Expo Hall Schedule
Click Image for the Full Size (more readable Image)

Genealogy Gems Expo Hall Schedule
Click Image for the Full Size (more readable Image)

Other booths have demo schedules tucked into the Registration bags. Too bad this information isn't released in advance so you could plan your schedule around all the learning opportunities with all options before you.

So, if you can't find what you're looking for on the main classes or your class of choice becomes too full, check out these mini-presentations in the Demo Theater!

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It's Okay to Be a Fanatic at RootsTech

Family History Fanatic at RootsTech

Tweets are chirping that people have arrived in rainy Salt Lake City. Facebook posts talk of others who will soon be on their way. The Innovator Showdown contestants are putting the final touches no their presentations in hopes of winning the cash prizes. Attendees are planning out their schedules and considering demos at the Expo Hall. One has to wonder, is it' okay to be a little be excited at the largest genealogy conference in the United States?

"Heck, yea!"

Having attended a ComicCon as Catwoman with my daughter as Ms. Marvel, I finally understand just how much conference planners want us to have fun. They want us to meet our favorite authors, bloggers, educators, and superstars while learning something in the process. And if you turn into a little 'groupie' over LeVar Burton or The Cake Boss. That's Okay!

Have fun. Meet new people. You never know who you'll run into and where your friendship will take you. If you don't believe me, then you need to keep reading about my Genealogy Fan Girl experience from last year. (Hmm... maybe I need to make that phrase into a T-Shirt?)
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